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8 Days Limited (2020)

Other name: Updating
Director: N/a
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country: Taiwanese
Runtime: 12 Episodes
Release year: 2020
Status: Ep 12 Engsub

Hou Ba Tian feels like he is cursed: Shorter than most, he is also cowardly, and anything but a shining star in the workplace. What’s more, everything good in his life appears to come with an eight-day time limit: Just eight days after finding a new job, he is fired by his disappointed boss. Just eight days after starting a new relationship, his girlfriend dumps him. No matter what he tries, he cannot seem to find long-term satisfaction or success. Meanwhile, Meng Po Er is also down on her luck. Although she is tall and good-looking, she has just been robbed. She is then thrown out of her house and is eventually forced to take a job at a street food vendors’ stall. Hou Ba Tian visits the stall to drink and eat and saves her from what appears to be an altercation with a customer. The down-on-their-luck duo decides to join forces, and Hou Ba Tian agrees to allow Meng Po Er to live with him – if she agrees to do all the housework! Could their fortunes change for the better? Will Hou Ba Tian break his eight-day curse? And could love blossom for this odd couple? 

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8 Days Limited Episode 13
8 Days Limited Episode 14
8 Days Limited Episode 15

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