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Akira to Akira (2017)

Other name: Akira and Akira
Director: N/a
Country: Japanese
Runtime: 9 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 9 RAW

The story begins in April 1986 and is set during the days of the bubble economy. Kaidou Akira comes from a wealthy background and is the heir of a large company Tokai Yuusen. On the other hand, his genius classmate from the University of Tokyo, Yamazaki Akira had a tough life due to the bankruptcy of his father's company and having to run away from creditors but overcomes the odds to graduate read morefrom the top-notch school. The two are employed at the same bank and get caught in a battle lasting over 10 years which causes upheavals in their lives. (Source: Doramaworld.blogspot)

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Akira to Akira Episode 10
Akira to Akira Episode 11
Akira to Akira Episode 12

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