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Mae Ka Khanom Wan (2009)

Other name: The Dessert Girl , Mae Kha Khanom Wan , Sweetened Lady ,
Director: N/a
Genre: Romance, Drama
Country: Thailand
Runtime: 15 Episodes
Release year: 2009
Status: Completed

Baipai is an engineer girl, but she likes to dress as a guy, so many people often misunderstand that she is a guy. She’s good at martial art because she has been trained from her uncle, the former Muay Thai champian. However, she’s also good at cooking food and making dessert because she has been trained to do it since she was kid by her grandmother and aunt. She just quits her engineer job because she has problem with her boss. So, she gets the idea to open her own Thai dessert shop. One day, the destiny makes Baipai accidentally meet Wacharawat, a handsome mafia boss and the owner of the entertainment complex business. However, it’s not a good first impression for Baipai because he steals her first kiss and it makes her angry and hate him. Anyway, She also makes Wacharawat pissed off because she punchs him in front of his followers, so he wants to get back at her and keep teasing her. However, Wacharawat is enchanted by her cooking skill and it makes him wants to stay closer to her, so he tries to win her heart. Baipai gets mad at him for making her life in trouble, so she tries to revenge him by dressing up like a guy and stealing his fiancee. 

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