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Morrasoom Sawat (2015)

Other name: Monsoon of Passion;A Tale of the Little Deer and Her Hunter;Morrasoom Sawaat;Morrasoom Sawad;Morasoom Sawat;Morassoom Sawat;Mo Ra Sum Sawart;Love's Debt
Director: N/a
Cast: Updating
Country: Thailand
Runtime: 16 Episodes
Release year: 2015
Status: Ep 16 Engsub

Sayumphu is a CEO who comes from gangster background, but wants to turn away from his past and rebuild his life. He meets and falls in love with Kwang, an innocent student, but they are separated due to misunderstandings.

Episode Comingsoon:

Morrasoom Sawat Episode 17
Morrasoom Sawat Episode 18
Morrasoom Sawat Episode 19

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