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Sweet First Love (2020)

Other name: Tian Le Qing Mei Pei Zhu Ma
Director: N/a
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 24 Episodes
Release year: 2020
Status: Ep 24 Engsub

When she was only seven, Zhuo Yifeng witnessed both of her parents die in a car accident. The extreme trauma causes her to suffer from selective amnesia as she completely blocks out her past experience. Zhuo Yifeng's parents leaves her under the care of their friend Su Zijian whose young son Su Muyun is two years younger. Assuming a new identity, Su Nianfeng grows up alongside her younger brother Su Muyun except their relationship is less than friendly. Su Muyun is a legendary name at school while Su Nianfeng is someone easily ignored. During her third year, Su Nianfeng who had no goals in life becomes determined to apply for her medical school because of her good friend Yue Diyin. Yue Diyin is her close confidante. He is warm as the sunshine but suffers from a strange disease. Su Muyun is mean to Su Nianfeng on the surface but silently stands by her as she reaches for her dreams. As they enter university, popular girl Ouyang Qingxue exposes a so-called truth that causes Su Niangfeng to misunderstand the family that adopted her. She leaves home to live independently in search for the truth. 

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Sweet First Love Episode 25
Sweet First Love Episode 26
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