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Fantastic Girls (2015)

Other name: Deeree Garuzu , Dere Garuzu
Director: Ohku Akiko
Genre: Romance, Drama
Country: Japanese
Runtime: 118 Min
Release year: 2015
Status: Completed

In 1980, Ayuko transfers from Tokyo to a school in Okayama where she has no friends and has only her university student boyfriend Hideho to rely on for moral support. One day, one of Ayuko’s classmates, Takemi, discovers Ayuko has a talent (she likes to draw a romance manga of herself and her boyfriend). Takemi is a huge manga fan and thus becomes a fan of Ayuko’s work, leading to the pair becoming close friends. However, a certain incident causes them to quarrel and part ways. 30 years later, Ayuko is a professional manga artist and returns to Okayama to give a speech at her former high school. While there, she’s reunited with Takemi (Kei Aran), who has become a teacher. Suddenly the friendship they both believed to have been long lost is rekindled in adulthood. Add Synopsis In Portuguese

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