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Swinging Blossom (2017)

Other name: Meng Hui Shao Nian Shi ,
Director: N/a
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 90 Min
Release year: 2017
Status: Completed

Gu Si Jun, an elderly man who often dreamt about a boy who was his past romantic interest and his failed sexually passive marriage with a woman called Cui Fang. Gu Jun lived at a nursery home with a group of old men. They tease him about Wei Meng Yun, an old woman who seemingly has a romantic interest in him. After moving in with his brother’s family, he decided to help his nephew, Gu Jia in achieving his wish to attend an opening reception hosted by Ma Ming Jin, a popular designer Gu Jia greatly admires. Upon reaching the office of Ma Ming Jin’s company, Si Jun was stunned to see that Ming Jin looked exactly like the boy he knew during his younger times. 

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